**These videos were recorded in High Definition 720p. If the videos are not smooth try reducing the quality of video by selecting the video settings near the bottom right of the video screen and choose either 480p or 360p.**
Below is a portion of a promotional video along a route selected during a scouting session. 

Oil & Gas Exploration

Camera Views    

Rather than a static 2 dimentional PDF that can only be viewed from the angle it was created, the 3D PDF can be revolved by the user to gain a better perspective of the terrain.

You require Adobe Reader 7 or later to view the PDF, and is a free download from the Adobe website.

Click the image to open a sample 3D PDF.
Viewing a project area from the top works some of the time, but combine the top view with a 3D view and you are able to review the terrain in a more informed way.
*To start video, select the play symbol in the center of each video screen.*
There are many uses for a virtual representation of a proposed well site and access road.  Land owner approval, government approval, safety in knowing the territory prior to construction, etc...

This video is a comparison between the current bare earth surface and a representation of what the surface will look like after construction.  

3D PDF's

Virtual Fly-Thru

- Take the cost burden and time sacrifice out of scouting in the field and concentrate on profits and competitive advantage by utilizing a proven and accepted technology.

Oil & Gas Multimedia