Visual Modeling Analysis is not a survey company, nor is it a GIS company.  VMA’s focus is to develop and utilize remote sensed data for use in the oil, gas, and land development industry.

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Why Choose Us?

- 18 days quicker from scouting to plan approval stage compared to conventional survey methods

- $119,200 saved compared to conventional survey methods
- Less time spent scouting in the field
- Reduced the likelyhood of personal injury because of less time in the field
Visual Modeling Analysis Inc. specializes in the application of remote sensed data, including LiDAR, for use in pre-construction planning for the oil, gas, and land development industries.  Using state of the art software and hardware, VMA brings its expertise to your boardroom, providing your team with greater access to scouting and planning solutions.  This allows you, the client, an opportunity to make better and more informed decisions.  VMA gives its clients a competitive advantage to ultimately increase their profits by reducing the burden of cost and time for field scouting and plan creation.

Industry Users


Why is LiDAR such a valuable tool  in the oil and gas industry today? 

Visual Modeling Analysis Inc.

Why is LiDAR such a valuable tool in the oil and gas industry today?  The table below is part of a case study completed by one of VMA's clients. 

The study compares the costs and timelines between conventional planning and surveying to LiDAR planning and surveying.
The list of industries and how they use this technology is long and vast, but here are some examples

- Municipal Development - Grading, drainage, pre-construction estimates

- Power Line Industry - Right-of-way planning, vegetation encroachment, catenary calculations, simulations

- Airport Authority - Obstacle Limitation Surface (OLS) interference

- Telecommunication and Radio Industry - Right-of-way planning, obstruction analysis (line of sight)

- Mining - Volume calculations, environmental impact, simulations

- Forestry - Tree height, vegetation density

- Transportation - Right-of-way planning, pre-construction estimates

- Oil & Gas - Pipeline and access road right-of-way, well site placement

- Environmental Monitoring - Vegetation density, shoreline mapping

Specializes In The Application Of Remote Sensed Data, Including Lidar, For Use In Pre-Construction Planning For The Oil, Gas, And Land Development Industries.  

Powerline from LiDAR data